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Example Of Gross Ignorance Of Market Expert

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In late April you were worried that the euro was "doomed" as a major currency. Do you still feel that way today?
No. I am actually feeling more positive about the euro's prospects. There is even now a shot that Greece will be able to avoid default on its debt. The situation is looking much better.
What led you to change your mind?
The weaker European governments appear to be accepting the fiscal and monetary discipline that is necessary to be part of the European economic union. They surprised me in this regard, since accepting that discipline carries great short-term cost — and I didn't foresee the political will to accept that pain.

The reality the writer is missing:


Helene Colliopoulou, 18:11, Thursday 8 July 2010
Thousands demonstrated in Athens and other Greek cities Thursday in the latest in a series of general strikes against the government's austerity measures that disrupted transport and public services.
The general strike, the sixth such action in recent months, came just a day after Greek deputies passed controversial reforms to private sector pensions, raising the retirement age to 65 from 60 and cutting pensions.

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If HPs had dropped 20% from 2007 peak levels I would have bought by now RB.

Alas, they have not. Asking prices have gone up by 20% and, in many cases, by a lot more. I now realise that my part of the World, West Wales, is just living in cloud cuckoo land and due the 755 public sector work force that the pain is yet to come.

In Brighton, where I know many work in the private sector or commute to London, I suspect you are a good year ahead of where I am in Wales re the economic reality.

Make it a really really low offer though.

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