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Can We Not Issue Our Own Money At 0% Interest?

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I don't think it all being electronic has changed that much these days. They're mainly keen on it because it leaves them not having to do anything but still take as long to do it and / or charge the same for doing it.

They are keen on it because it means they don't need any money that way.

The main reason for putting money in the bank is if you feel it's less likely to go missing than if you keep it under the bed (i.e. judge which set of crooks pose the least risk to you).

Which is ofc completely mental.

Annd it's gone.

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I like the OP's post and think a few people have been a tad harsh in some of the replies.

When you step back and take a look at what 'we' do to ourselves, (as i believe the OP has) it's quite simply a deeply retarded and unfair way of ordering things. Unfortunately the system is everything and everywhere which makes it practically impossible to change. I accept it won't in my lifetime or perhaps for a thousand years but i hope it does and if it does, the 'then' society will look back on this period of time and shake their heads in disbelief at how we allowed such a small amount of people determine the lifes of everyone by creating a system so detremental to the masses & rigged in their favour on about a 99:1 ratio.

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