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Fantastic Bit Of Us Theatre.

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Hours of ******** and waffle - discussion how to hide the debts and slush more money into a totally failed system, bankers, commercial developers all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Then, at 2:25 a member of the public (a developer) is allowed to speak - just about to give it both barrels and then cut off.

What a total sham - an excerise in complete crap but tells you eveything about how they won't fix anything other than try and clean their own arses with taxpayer paper money.

COP Atlanta Field Hearing on Commercial Real Estate

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he was given a minute,should have cracked on.the guy that followed him was typicalof the cult of denial,''there was no liquidity from july 2007 on....'' yada yada yada.

to be fair though,I dont think elizabeth warren needs a lesson in why we are where we are.

Indeed she doesn't as chair little say in the proceeedings.

The rest of it - The liquiduity, oh the liquidity.

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