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Illinois Construction Workers Make $50-68 Hour, Strike For 15% More

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Illinois construction workers live in fantasy land of business-as-usual. They are demanding 15% pay hikes when everyone of them ought to be fired with their jobs outsourced to the cheapest non-union shop.

Please consider Construction Workers Go On Strike.

Here in the Chicago area the highway construction workers went on strike....the reason they want a 5% raise each year over the next three year contract.....to cover the cost of increase healthcare cost!

The current salary for construction workers is between $50.00 and $68.00 per hour which include benefits.

Illinois is suffering from one of the worst recessions since the depression.... over 700,000 unemployed....Walmart has just announced they plan to build 24 new stores in the Chicagoland area.....most of the new jobs will pay $9.50 per hour....and there are conversations to raise this salary to $10.50 per hour....hundreds of unemployed workers have expressed willingness to take on these new jobs....with pleasure.....many people just want to work and get a paycheck.

Prevailing Wages

I am trying to get a more specific handle on the wages of an average construction worker. It is difficult because Illinois goes by prevailing wages (by county). Moreover, there are approximately 70 different labor classifications for Cook County, none of which is construction worker.

Pure genius. The state is virtually bankrupt and the workers want 15% pay rises.

Austerity at it's finest.

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As long as there's some money (credit) to be had, might as well loot it. Worked for the bankers.


I believe the powers that be have no idea of what they have unleashed and how it will eventually backfire.

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