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Guest theboltonfury

Thought I would introduce myself to your merry little band, inspired me to change my forum name, get an avatar , and post to and I don't do that often. Time to lighten up a bit

Fed up of the main forum, too many who are convinced they know what they are talking about. Anyone without any self doubt is not to be trusted, 100% guaranteed.

Just found the OT forum a little beacon of light in recent times, a new thread with some eye candy thrown in never goes amiss

Any way no pic for me, old nickname was horse, but for the reasons you may think (dont read too much into the avatar.

Apparently a likeness to Horace Broon......bummer

Welcome. It's fun here. I have no idea why.

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Guest PenelopePitstop

Less is more. It never ceases to amaze me how seriously people take themselves on an annoymous internet forum. Get lives FSS!

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I mean I'm not nearly relaxed enough (when I can be bothered) to let someone say 'Fed up of' when they meant 'Fed up with'.

I don't really know what you're on about, but maybe I don't need to... :)

You watch it sonny, I was in the forces. :huh: back atcha.

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Guest Absolutely Fabulous

I'm lovin' it!

Oh!ohmy.gif You can't be! It is pitiful. It must be dreadful to gain SO much weight. What chance of getting it off again, eh?sad.gif

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