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Should come as a relief for the gardeners and hayfever-sufferers that summer is turning a lot more refreshing from today. Pressure is forecast to drop over northern and western Europe as we come under the influence of a trough that will mean frequent afternoon showers and some thunderstorms. Just as summer should be in the UK, really.

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25c is hardly a heatwave for the Urban Heat Island that is the southeast.  :rolleyes:

Mid to high teens only, when outside of that small area of England.

One of the things I like about getting out of London and moving 'oop North is thats its reasonably fresh even when its hot. Last time I was in London it was ubelievably stifling, at least until I got down to the River, which operates like a giant air conditioner, for those "lucky" enough to work/live close to it.

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Problem with London is that it is one big concrete mass that keeps pumping out heat until the late hours.

I find the weather too hot and stifling right now and bad for hayfever. Riding the bike isn't great either, just become a sweaty mess with bugs in every orifice of the face.

Hoping it gets cooler but I doubt it will. A bit better today actually.

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