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Greenspan And The Bubble Latest!

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Guest Bart of Darkness
At the conference, Mr. Greenspan didn't say in plain English that house prices are way out of line. But he never says things in plain English.

He would have made a good politician!

these days Americans make a living by selling each other houses, paid for with money borrowed from China.

Is this the new paradigm I've been hearing about?

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Is this the new paradigm I've been hearing about?

Where is my wet fish to slap you around? What part of "it's different this time" don't you understand?

Come on Bart. Just because EVERY investment bubble in the past has crashed doesn't mean that this one will. Also just because EVERY fiat economy has collapsed doesn't mean that we are in any danger whatsoever.

Where have you been? Let's just all borrow lots of money, buy flats and get rich by renting them out to each other. :rolleyes:

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