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Media Bias - The Times - Write To Editor

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All too predictably , if you read the Times, the Hometrack report is relegated to page 30 of the business section whilst the latest press release ( We do like to live beside the seaside) from the Halifax receives priority covergae with a full page spread on page 9. Clearly the Halifax have a department who monitor the news and have a stack of pointless 'stories' ramping the property market to release whenever 'bad news' is released. The annoying thing is that the Times, amongst others, routinely play along with it, printing the press release uncritically and in full. Sent the following letter to the times, was given this e-mail addr; home.news@thetimes.co.uk as their editorial contact, please feel free to send a short e-mail of your own.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Could someone please explain to me the rational behind the decision to relegate a relatively important piece of news on the property market i.e the Hometrack report showing that prices have dropped for the 14th month in a row and have not responded to the interest rate cut to page 30 in the Business section, whilst the latest piece of ‘shameless ramping’ of said market from the Halifax, containing no news of relevance, receives a full page on page 9.

It has become predictable that every time a piece of , what the vested interests would perceive to be bad news, on the property market is released, that one of the major Building Societies ( usually the Halifax) trots out a ‘ isn’t it great we’re all make loads of money out of property’ press release and you print it, unedited and uncritically, in full giving it a prominence it doesn’t merit. We all know that prices have risen in the last 5 years , do we really need to know that University towns have seen price rises, that seaside towns have seen price rises, that towns beginning with the letter B have seen price rises etc etc

I also noted that the Hometrack report failed to mention the fact the Mr Wrigglesworth was predicting further falls as inevitable whilst you did mention as always and equally predictably that he doesn’t feel a crash in houseprices is likely.

I perceive a strong bias in the way ‘news’ on the property market is presented in your paper. I realise that you must receive a hefty amount of advertising revenue from the property sector, but thought that the purpose of a newspaper , such as the Times,

was to present news in an objective manner.

Please remember rising property prices are not good news for anyone who hopes to trade up or anyone hoping to buy their first property. They are good news only for people trading down and the vested interests i.e Gordon Brown, Building Societies estate agents, Rosie Millard etc etc

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you know the global economy is a no-no when you find that the homes section is now in the business pages.

also, the price of oxygen has risen by 3 points......

life is becoming a commodity.

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