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Incidentally, Y2K was a 'non-event' because the testing frenzy beforehand was successful, not because there was no problem in the first place (although the media quite clearly exaggerated many aspects of it beyond all proportion).

I test software for a living and know this all too well. When tests are successful and embarassing or potentially costly faults are found and fixed, there's the inevitable "What was the point of testing if there were no problems?".

People don't see what was found and fixed and nobody is likely to own up and say "Hey, we found this problem where it would have blown up our nuclear reactor if it hadn't been spotted!".

Unfortunately, people often need costly disasters to happen in order to see the true benefit of proper testing.

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i'm in the tech business too and there was clearly never going to be any Y2K probs.....too much money lost if there was and it would have been a BIG blot on any company's copybook if there was.

yep there was the odd localised prob (due to being overlooked) but afaik no toasters failed to make the toast on NYD due to Y2K.

wonder if that was VI backed media hype to get all the idiots to clear the shelves of bottled water and tins of spam........

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