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Tesco Launches Flatpack Home!

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Original Article

Supermarket giant Tesco is well known for selling everything a shopper could need - and now that includes property as they offer a DIY flat-pack home.

The company, better known for selling groceries, wine, clothes and electronics, has launched a range of large, self-assembly log cabin style residences.

Shoppers can pick up a Finnlife home complete with five rooms and a 'handy upstairs storage area' for £9,999 - earning customers a whopping 19,998 Clubcard points.

The helsinki model even has a trendy terraced decking area where proud new homeowners can sit and soak up the sun.

Tesco states the home 'readily adapts to serve a number of uses from home office and gym to lounging area and playroom'.

It is manufactured from high grade Scandinavian whitewood and is constructed using 44mm thick tongue and groove boards which slot together.

The 32ft by 16ft 10ins building is topped off with eight double-glazed windows, French doors and a felt shingle roof.

The home is only available from the supermarket's website as it is too bulky to pick up in store and shoppers will also have to budget for a five pounds delivery charge.

The company's website warns 'Prior to purchase check whether planning permission and building regulations approval may be required.'

Buyers are also advised that the building needs a quality timber treatment after assembly.

It comes with plans and step by step building instructions.

The Helsinki can also be upgraded to include a guttering kit, laminate flooring and even underfloor heating.

Delivery is available to mainland UK customers only and usually takes within 21 days, according to Tesco.

Manufacturer Finnlife's website states: 'A ladder leads from the three lower rooms to a cosy upstairs hideaway.

'Arrange the space to suit your needs - teenage clubrooms, office complex, or a little house on the suburban prairie.'

The manual lists a number of tools required including a ladder, saw, screwdriver, mallet and tape measure.

It states: 'No specialist skills are required. Anyone can build a Finnlife log cabin although some tasks may require more than one pair of hands.

'Construction times will vary depending on your skills and the number of people helping you.'

It also suggests 'it should be built on foundations of concrete or compressed gravel.'

Buy It Now!

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Probably last a lot longer than some of the new build shit.

My mum and step dad bought something similar and had it put up with planning permission

It is so efficient it doesn't need heating, doesn't need anything really, because they are so used to buying/paying for stuff on a house they are stumped as to what to do next

It was going to be on one of the shows but he didn't want them to show it, don't know why, it is great

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Log cabins are great!!!

these ones (same model) are available, for approx 2000 GBP in Latvia, for 10000, you can get a proper log cabin 90 m2 (real round logs) fitted bathroom, brick fireplace, basic kitchen & heated floor I know this is true because im getting one!!!


the one shown is a basic model, which costs 1400 lts approx 1800 gbp the extras make up the difference to 10000

They are great fun to have a summer holiday in! I want to buy a piece of land and dig a few lakes and have it as a holiday home (land only costs between 100 to 200 pounds per acre) result!!!

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