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Gold Going To $27,000 !

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Yes I am in awe of the expert Analysis on that site:

I was pretty disappointed when I first saw an ounce of gold.

It’s tiny!

Just one centimetre squared, and half a centimetre deep. But it’s amazing how heavy it is, considering its tiny dimensions. Maybe I’ve watched Goldfinger too many times, but I secretly crave a giant stack of gold bars in an underground vault.

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This might be a Vi view?


Not today though:





* Just kidding , it isn't down by that much today. But these were the kinds of drops that followed the big gold bust in 1980.

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I think we are headed down when the shtf

I agree with those who say buy gold when we are all so desperate we are begging the masters to print away then its hard to think it could be more then 5-6000 before the inflation has eroded debts and savings.

We are a while away from that i mean we have not even had a HPC yet so until the Teaparty folks in the US become the print money folks deflations where its at possibly.

If under 900 i may get some more gold though just for when a few countries default which may be sooner or later.

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