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White Van Man Jailed After Deliberately Running Down Stranger Because He Thought He Was Unemployed

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but how is disabling him going to help him get a job.

Kudos to white van man for making a stand though. Maybe start aiming it a banksters, politicians, illegal immigrants in the future instead.

I would aim at you, but I don't suppose you go outdoors.

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The white van man is obviously some kind of sociopath, he's had previous (racially motivated assault) and that poor guy searching through the bins for food was a Polish guy why couldn't find work after coming to this country a year ago.

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white van man doesn't really rate much higher on the social scale than unemployed anyway

sounds like this guy was just a total nutjob

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Guest sillybear2

Hull Crown Court looks like galactic space headquarters :-


Anyway, I believe Mrs T massaged the unemployment figures by shifting people onto disability, fortunately she missed out the running them down with a white van bit.

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