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Air Conditioning Birmingham Style

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Driving through Birmingham, near Fiveways, on Saturday around mid day - when it was quite hot.

I noticed quite a few `apartments' that boast commanding views over the ringroad had aluminium foil stuck to the inside of the windows - presumably to keep some of the heat out.

The sleek, iconic, design of the building was unsullied by untidy a/c units, being lots of glass.

Are these places really so rabbit hutch that no-one thought that large windows facing the sun, with no through flow of air/traffic fumes could be habitable or are people dim enough to buy off plan without considering what they'd be like to live in. Do any of these types of places actually have a/c either on a flat by flat basis or a big unit on the roof?

I expect they sold like hot cakes a few years ago.


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Hi there Yokel,

Are renting one of those newbuilds with large windows but no Birmingham.

I can confirm that yes, they are as hot as they look. In our development many of the flats are owned by "investors" abroad so not many are inhabited here. The ones that are all have aircon now.

Can think of quite a few flats I looked at where the Landlord didn't bother putting in proper curtains so it becomes harder to keep the heat out. Being concrete the heat here is very bad at night.

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Ive found new builds to be better in the summer at keeping cool, they are often poorly assembled by the cheapest bidder but as they are new the materials used are more modern and so are usually better insulated.

The better insulation keeps the heat out in the summer as well as the heat in during the winter. As long as you keep the windows closed during the day so the place doesn't heat up I find they stay cool in the summer. Double glazing helps too, which most new builds have.

The modern equipment and materials are all new builds have going for them, but in that respect they are actually good.

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