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Hollyoaks Omnibus On T4 This Morning

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Caught my eye this morning. Don't follow the show, so don't have a detailed knowledge of the plot line.

The 2 minutes I caught saw a young man talking with what could have been his mother about his "heroic" taking over of the mortgage, but that they both knew he had no choice but to do it (maybe they'd lost the father/husband?) otherwise they'd have lost the house.

He sat down and began a conversation with his girlfriend. He continued to apologise for their financial situation, promising that one day they'd go on that holiday, one day they do this, that and the other but at the moment, he was financially crippled and he just couldn't afford to do any of it because of the repayments. He said he didn't want to be seen as a "hero" for paying the mortgage - it was just something that needed to be done.

His girlfriend started to shout back at him about how she knew they were broke because of the mortgage, that she knew there would never be any money now, that she new they would have to scrimp and save and go without for years and years and years just to scrape together the deposit needed to claw their way onto the bottom rung of the property ladder for some run-down place that would be next to useless anyway. She "knew all that", so could they please stop fighting. Followed by a "but I love you" embrace and two actors with worried looks on their faces and the "mother" looking on from across the bar with a similarly pitiful expression...

Seriously IN-YOUR-FACE negative press for house buying... watched by millions of teens... :o

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