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I've been watching H&I property for about 18 months now and haven't really seen any drops at all. Some moves to fixed price and some OO moving to OIRO but generally prices on some properties that have been on for a long long time are not really changing. I'd have thought lots of second homes would have gotten the push. Maybe low interest rates keeping it affordable and people looking to weather the storm. Nothing is going up in price though :)

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I am on an island here, not saying which one.

Same here, but there are quite a few 'lowered prices'.

Ive seen some realistic prices, some overpriced in my opinion.

Although I want to stay here,

it begins to look overpriced when you compare it to warmer parts of

Europe ie portugal, spain, brittany, italy etc.

I basically think that a lot of 'outlanders' have bought up here,

you see a lot of English (i am half English) but older couples

buying here. To me they dont seem highflying types,

ie the kind you get in cheaper parts of Spain etc.

Nothing wrong with that perhaps, but the problem is they buy up in cheap places.

On the other hand it is a good place for me to start a new business.

ie I know all the ins and outs of UK law, tax, imports, exports etc.

New business in Italy, Spain etc has lots more red tape.

Also, I dont like the heat all the time as I get burned easily,

even here I get that in these months.

In my opinion I think prices will go down here eventually.

ie lots of public service jobs.

Not sure they will go down that much.

Quite a few locals appear well off, probably can afford to buy their children

homes etc.

And I beleive public service cuts wont be so severe in these regions as there

really is little else and it would cause revolt! lol.

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Thanks for that insight. Certainly some areas seem stickier than others. Naturally where there is more supply e.g Argyll then the prices seem to be more realistic but as you go further North and there is less supply then of course the prices seem to be much less likely to change after initial placement. I think we'll only see major price changes if we see forced selling. That'll happen through people being forced to liquidate second homes or home loans becoming too expensive. As long as rates are low and people can finance the interest then people will be thinking its OK to wait it out. I'm in no rush. Despite all the economic gloom and teh doom on here I'm still not sure we'll get the collapse we've seen in the US. I am pretty sure that the days of huge price growth are over for the medium term.

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Once the daft money from Darn Saff stopped flowing into the Highlands etc there is only one way for prices and that IS freefall, just take the average earnings doubt its even 20K multiply by three and a bit (historical realistic sane lending criteria) and you can see just how stupid house prices around here have got.

Only crazy Inflation can save them but I can't for the life of me see where the wage inflation will come from.

Add to the that when local goivernment has to turn the machine gun on employment numbers it'll be freefall.

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