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a different link

from the case against the FED

"The culprit solely responsible for inflation, the Federal Reserve, is continually

engaged in raising a hue-and-cry about "inflation," for which

virtually everyone else in society seems to be responsible.

What we are seeing is the old ploy by the robber who starts

shouting "Stop, thief!" and runs down the street pointing

ahead at others. We begin to see why it has always been

important for the Fed, and for other Central Banks, to invest

themselves with an aura of solemnity and mystery For, as

we shall see more fully, if the public knew what was going

on, if it was able to rip open the curtain covering the inscrutable

Wizard of Oz, it would soon discover that the Fed, far

from being the indispensable solution to the problem of

inflation, is itself the heart and cause of the problem"

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  • 434 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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