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few others I missed...

What do they know?

should have ask Gordon Brown when he sold at rock bottom, or RB @ hpc who thinks its a bubble!

carry on calling it a bubble, everyday you are proven wrong. :lol: he's unbelivable!

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I'm still wondering where this 160 tons of gold appeared from.

It seems to have suddenly materialised when someone did some sums.

Listen, Sheikh El Hagbag - it either appeared out of a camel's bum while

nobody was watching or else, my old friend, you were ....


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what it also indicates is coming fiat currencies failures & introduction of gold standards whoevers holds more will call the shots.

pretty obvious!

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There have been rumours that there will be a new gold backed middle east currency either to be called the Dniar or Dirham involving the Saudis, Kuwaiti's and the UAE. I think things foundered over where the new central bank was going to be located.

Who knows, it might be still game on!

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The precious metal briefly went out of favour in 2008 amid fears of a deflationary depression in the US, which would have increased the purchasing power of the US dollar

About where we are today. This is why I tend toward a slightly moderate underlying tendency that leans a little in the bearsish direction as far as gold is concerned. US consumer prices are nearing neutral growth and there maybe a trend line that will take their economy into deflation before winter sets in.

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