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Guest theboltonfury

Kevin Keegan on the ITV commentary just said that Fabio has to talk sternly to the team because if they keep playing like this they wont win the tournament. :lol: I think they should be more worried about reaching the next stage first.

Southgate's collars are too small.

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Why doesn't Gerrard shoot? That's twice he could have had an angled shot and made a lame pass instead.

England.,...the only team to make winnows look decent. That's because we are the only team in the world who are afraid to hold onto the ball. ZERO composure.

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It beggars belief that as a nation we get so excited (Welsh and Scots excused) about three mediocre games of football featuring eleven men who were born in England and on a good day just about make the grade for English club football.

Anyone who thinks that these players are 'world class' needs their tiny head examining.

Oh dear.

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