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Ecb Must Buy 'hundred Of Billions' Of Bonds To Tame Europe's Debt Crisis

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Fitch Ratings has warned that it may take massive asset purchases by the European Central Bank to prevent Europe's sovereign debt crisis escalating out of control.

Brian Coulton, the agency's head of sovereign ratings, said German members of the ECB appeared to be blocking the sort of muscular intervention in southern European bond markets needed to restore the shattered confidence of investors.

"There has been an unwillingness to follow through, and markets are going to want to see the ECB's money. It will require hundreds of billions in my opinion," he told a global banking conference.


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I argue 1 trillion Euros in bond buys with printed money. Not borrowed money from other European states.

Bond investors want to feel safe that someone will buy their bond down the road. We've seen in other nations once the central bank says it will also buy bonds, investors have been glad to buy the bonds themselves.

Given time and targets Greece and Spain and co might be able to get their deficits down to a more reasonable level. Its just they can't turn the ship around in a few weeks.

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Your style of prose makes me laugh.

You have to remember that to us you are just a rabbit climbing out of a hat making silly statements based on nothing.

Go away - get a degree in economics (if only so so you can prove it's rubbish), join the Bank of England, rise up through its ranks eventually becoming the Governor. Then your pompous views might be worth something.

In the meantime, why don't you just write like a normal human being leaving out the 'I believe it's a trillion', or 'my considered opinion is that we need to print £100,000 for every person on the planet' stuff.

Surely "your prose style makes me laugh" not "your style of prose makes me laugh"?

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"The Bundesbank is reportedly irked that French banks have led the rush to the exits while German banks have stuck by a gentleman's agreement to keep their Greek assets."



So the Germans expected the French banks to honour a gentlemans agreement?

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both are equally acceptable.Or,indeed,acceptably equal.

The Englishman's Concise Compendium (Fifth Edition) regards them as "discontinuously reciprocal".

I hope that clears the matter up.

Or, as The Oxford Liturgical Directory would have us say.... clears up the matter.

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