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Lol! My ex boyfriend liked you the best! I think it was the sexy avatar! Funny how they all make themselves out to be genuises!! Anyway, bossybabe, you go girl. Sock it to them. D*ck for brains. Lol. Like they know anything about the economy! :lol:

You been sharing Moosey's wine as well?

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You been sharing Moosey's wine as well?

Regrettably not, I fear.

Just sloppy about keeping the medication up.

I think I detect locally notorious multiple ID nutjob, female, always having a go about nonsense to anyone who'll bite, invariably highly personalised, ostensibly "feminist" but only goes all-out for other women. Grade-A psycho.

Somebody less well-nourished (that last five gallons started off O.G. 1072 :unsure: ) than me may recall the last time the retard started one of her scorched-earth rampages round here.

Can't remember any other manifestations of her uniquely obnoxious lexical profile, I'm rubbish with faces, but only the most schizophrenic can successfully disguise their "voice".

Let's see if the nutter can get this thread depth-charged by the mods (who are both wise and all-seeing ... xxx...) as well. All you have to do is push the "intemperate language" slider gradually towards "eleven".

I declare it to be an overstressed probadee "investor" who's (yet again) had one over the eight after *that* letter from the lender. All a bit much after the divorce ... bit tough to start again, after her looks have gone ...

Ooo, get me! What a bitch! So serious! And ... old.

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I've had some rather nice PMs ...

"Oh goodness dear no need", as my dear, dear would-a-been-a-hundred-and-something neighbour Miss Muir would have said.

"Pff, you young people! Anyone would think you had invented cocaine, and "free-love" ..." as she pulled on her very tight gloves and Morningside Lady's hat to cross the road to her Excessively Presbyterian Kirk.

Just across the Meadows from the main-door where Arthur Conan-Doyle lived with his fenian mum and siblings, as a medical student.

There was a boy, I eventually discovered.

Joined up under-age. Git.

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