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Get Annual Cpi-Index From Monthly Data


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I have monthly CPI data and I need annual data. How can I do this? I have the impression, that just summing up and dividing by twelve is not correct.

I would be glad for help!


Here's the link to the CPI (all items) pdf:-


It shows the index values and also annualised changes in the table CPI12.

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Thank you! It seems to be okay to divide the sum of the monthly values by 12. I'll try it!

What do you mean by 'monthly CPI' data? Do you mean the monthly value of the index? Or do you mean the month-on-month percentage change in the index? Or might you even mean the annualised month-on-month percentage change? Or do you simply mean the annual change in index value reported on a month-by-month basis? (I suspect you mean this one, as this is the most frequent method of reporting - in which case there is nothing for you to do, the data is already 'annual').

Since annual figures are a standard calculation - you are best of going directly to the source and obtaining annual data, rather than trying to calculate it. At any rate, calculating an annual figure from monthly figures is liable to accrue significant errors due to rounding.

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