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Drug Gang Violence Kills Hundreds Of Mexicans In Past Week

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I thought you were talking about Obama! Now I'm with you.

I think it probably is coincidental TBH (or at least I'll give hi the benefit of the doubt for now). It's the same in Mexco, many of the wealthy are/were drug dealers so they tended to brush shoulders with other people in influential circles.. many of the Mexican politicians had links back to drug cartels.. that was part of what made it so hard to stop over there.

It wouldn't surprise me if Karzai's brother is involved, or even if all of their family wealth came from it. That would have paid his way to a good education and could well be why the US stuck him there as president.. presumably a well educated local sympathetic to the Americans.. the fact that his brother or even his family made their money from drugs is an inconvenience I expect.

Sorry for any confusion.

Does Barry Sotero have a brother?

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Am very libertarian about drugs. If you wanna do it, do it.

What no one has considered, is that certain people in society need a nefarious activity. Everyone seems to think that if you legalise drugs, the whole system from Mr Big, to his generals, down all the way to the street sellers are gonna go straight. Better the devil you know. Now it's drugs they're dealing, take that away, then what? People trafficking, kidnapping for ransom, organ harvesting, maybe they'll concoct some new drug that's even more dangerous. Some people just like doing naughties.

I'm not for prohibition, that's been shown to never work, but be careful what some of you wish for.

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I'm surprised how far up the physical scale Heroin is.. I suspect that medical heroin under prescription would come a long way to the left.

I was surprised by this too. My understanding is that if you have a clean source (e.g. medical grade heroin/morphine), you can take the stuff for decades with little physical harm.

I'd also suspect that nicotine dependence is a little low on the scale. After WW2, when Europe was in a mess, people would distill the nicotine out of cigarette butts and inject.

I suspect what the chart illustrates is "under current usage circumstances." If everything was on a level playing field with nicotine and alcohol, where there is less social stigma for getting treatment and high quality standardised sources are readily available, I suspect the legal drugs would look even worse than they do in that chart.

It is very old now (printed in 1972), but the Consumer's Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs (E.M. Brecher and CU eds.) is an enlightening read if you can get your hands on a copy. Obvoiusly, science and knowledge has moved on since then, but it does go to show how information is ignored/twisted by political adjendas. (At the time of writing there was much more focus on heroin addicition arising from Vietnam, and some of the more modern drugs obviously aren't mentioned, so the book is also dated in a cultural sense.)


or for a small fee you can download a copy from here:


The book is, unlike just about any other I have read on the topic, relatively uncluttered by propaganda one way or the other. It has some very sensible recommendations in a brief final chapter too.

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