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Getting Into The Back Of A Cop Car!


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A FORMER policeman was jailed today for having sex with women drivers in exchange for letting them off driving offences.

Married father-of-two Jamie Slater, 33, from Port Talbot, South Wales, was jailed for three-and-a-half years after Cardiff Crown Court heard the former traffic cop pulled over six women and told them he would not give them tickets if they had sex with him.

Two of the women agreed and had sex with Slater in his patrol car - with one even hiding in the official vehicle when Slater was called to an emergency incident, thisisSouthWales.com reported.

Slater was dismissed after eight years service in December 2009, following an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The court heard Slater's reign of "predatory sex" ended when one woman complained to senior officers.

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I bet she was a lesbian?


Interesting that after all that predatory sex, and disgusting behaviour by the bloke - only one woman actually complained about it. As another article on this states, one of the birds actually ended up seeing the guy !!

So which of the following is true:

(1) He was such a devious scary guy that they were all just so shit scared to complaon about it.

(2) Most of them were more than happy with the arrangement as it got them off a charge. And in fact a few of them probably quite enjoyed it.

Both are possible, and the truth is probably somewhere in between. However (2) seems to have been overlooked in all the articles on this story. They have preferrred to go into the usual 'victim' scenario.

One of the woman got off a serious charge and also ended up seeing the guy. Can someone explain to me how she is in any way a 'victim' ?

I wonder if the original charges against these women will now be followed up ? As that would only be fair wouldn't it......

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