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Selling Old Gold


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Having a bit of a clear out of the clutter that has appeared over the years!

Boot fair was a success on Sunday, made a profit of approx £130 quid. Not bad for a few hours standing around in a field, only slight nuisance was a bit of hayfever! Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on here, really appreciated it.

So .... got some old jewellery which I am thinking of taking to the local jewellers and seeing what it's worth just to get rid of it. Not interested in any TV-advertised ones cos I've heard many horror stories. Anyone got any good stories about them?!

Realise I should ask what the price per gram is that they are offering me, but is there anything else I need to be wary of? Anyone had any good experiences selling old gold at their local jewellers? Should I reject the first offer on principal?!

Cheers :)

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Thanks for the replies guys!

Not sure that Mr Brown would be the best person to ask at the moment! LOL!

My gold is 9ct. Some of the items are rings/braclets which are actually in good condition. Guess it might be worth getting a separate price for them as they could be resold as they are??


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Guest happy?

Yep. After deducting the £30 change float and the £12 pitch fee! I don't do fake Sarah Beeny profits! LOL!

Don't forget the cost of the items you're selling and any loss of interest on alternative uses (minus the value of the time you had the item and its use).

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