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Once in a lifetime

Media Responsibility?

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If the media (Newspapers, TV.) were to report all the factual information that this forum discusses.

Without spinning in the other direction the next day to try to cancel out the panic factor.

What would be the most likely outcome?

And would that outcome benefit the country?

For the media to have any credibility it must report the truth, however damaging.

Or it becomes a propergander machine.

But at the same time responsible journalism should not help to create or speed up

economic collapse that will damage the country. (and would affect you!)

This, in my opinion is why we are on a house price slide instead of a crash.

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What would be the most likely outcome?

Rapid decline in sales / circulation / viewing figures

And would that outcome benefit the country?


Seriously, it's a bit like a chicken or egg question. Do the media spin to change the behaviours and preferences of the public, or does the change in public behaviour and populous view guide the spin / sensationalism of the media?

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Chicken and egg is true.

But with (dis)honourable exceptions I believe the majority of the media is not so much manipulating their stories - rather that they have little understanding of the situation they are dealing with. They are just as wrapped up in the consensus view as anybody else. And that consensus view has been the 'house-prices must always go up' mantra.

This has been compounded by the trend for the modern media to parrot each other due to the speed of modern comunications. There is no time or inclination for considered thought.

Of course, this works on the down slope as well as the up...

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I agree.

Everyone else is to blame.

Especially the government.

And the council.

And immigrants.

And Jews.

And the Irish.

And the Bankers.

And anyone who makes me responsible for my own failings....

They're a lousy bunch of good-for-nothing useless lying...(etc etc ad nauseum)

PS I forgot the Immigrant Jewish Irish who bankroll the propaganda-media. Really hate them f**kers.

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