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Another Nulab Database Gets Chopped

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Let's hope (but lets face it it is a fantasy) that Labour will not take every opportunity with all the changes the Coalition is making to blame anything, regardless of circumstance on the associated changes. Especially with databases such as this it is extremely dangerous.

I think the opposition should do a great job of opposing, ensuring due diligence, questioning, attacking, exposing and so on - but so far all I have seen is the foundations being set for deceiving the public.

Already they have adopted a default reaction to every single cut in public spending declaring it as putting the economy, services, jobs etc at risk - without even seeing what the cuts will actually be. It's depressing to already see that the opposition are acting like the very worst of the tabloid press by simply spinning or outright lying to the Public - it's just a game of seeing what they can get away with.

Classic example was on BBC QT last week. Ben Bradshaw triumphantly declared that the coalition would cut University places by 10,000. It turns out that, in fact, the target is to increase by 10,000. It was explained that Ben Bradshaw was actually comparing it to the 20,000 increase Labour had promised (un-costed). They just treat us like children. Children that they don't like but have to babysit.

Of course Labour are not unique in doing this, but it does seem to be a particularly virulent trait amongst their ranks.

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