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Was Goal Blackout Sabotage? Bookmakers Gave Odds On Break In Itv Transmission That Let Fans Miss England Score

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A betting scam may have been behind ITV's embarrassing failure to screen England's first goal of the World Cup on its high-definition channel.

A car advert interrupted coverage for 1.5million viewers just before Steven Gerrard scored in Saturday night's group game against the U.S.

When the action resumed, the England players were already celebrating their fourth-minute lead.

The break in coverage would have paid off for gamblers that took up Paddy Power's odds of 8-1 that an ITV live game would be interrupted.

The fact that HDTV broadcasts are screened four seconds later than conventional TV also fuelled conspiracy theories.

A saboteur could have seen England score on a regular TV channel and then pulled the plug to take advantage of the fact an HD viewer would not have known England were ahead.

Adrian Chiles, who was presenting ITV's coverage, apologised at half time for the glitch which came three minutes and 26 seconds into the game.

So all in all a pretty pointless bet then?

As for Adrian Chiles, luckiest bloke on TV?

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This all seems rather far-fetched. Four seconds???? A minute I could believe, but four seconds?

Besides, the fact that a goal was scored during the outage seems to be entirely irrelevent to the bet.

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