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Iranian Ships Set Sail For Gaza.cue Market Melt Up.


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100,000? Surely thats an invasion force, not an aid convoy...

Three aid ships and a plane do not equal an invasion force.

100,000 people volunteered to help, they won't be cramming themselves onto three ships.

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The ships are only awaiting for final permission from the Iranian Foreign Ministry, without regard for Israel's potential retaliation should Iranian ships approach Israel territorial waters.

I like that part.

The ships are planning the sail to Gaza not Israel.

The only reason then end up in Israel is Israeli pirates board them and take them home and "confiscate" (steal) a large portion of the cargo.

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If you consider that Iran have everything to lose and nothing to gain it's very unlikely to happen.

Block the Straits of Hormuz and the global economy, including the USA and its Israeli masters, is screwed, especially when delivering oil from the Gulf of Mexico is looking problematic.

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What a brilliant play by Iran, i suspect we'll see some quickening of Israel lifting the blockade. The last thing they want is direct shipments from Iran and the last thing the USA want is Iran getting closer to the Arabs. Will Egypt need to let them through Suez? Not sure how that works. Going around will at least give more time to build up the tension.

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Might bring forward an Israeli attack on the nuclear sites... in the after-math of that taking out 3 ships would almost go unnoticed by most on the planet.

Terrible that there is so much hatred in the World.

As long as the Iranians go un-armed have some international journalists on board with live satelite media feeds the Israelis might not blow them out of the water, i'm sure the Iranians are smart enough to work out how to play this.

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