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Favourite Sci Fi Ship

Guest Ian Chesterton

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How Could I forget the intrepid Phoenix Five and her trusty crew (all three of 'em*).


You'll notice that only Commander Roke gets a plush, comfy chair. That's because on the spacious bridge of the Phoenix Five, there isn't room for everyone to be so indulged.

Even in the year 2500 A.D., rank has its privilages it seems.

* No, I don't count Karl.



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Quite easily I suspect.

They were cost efficient though. Whereas the Federation had hundreds of ships, the Phoenix Five gang kept the peace with only 4 people and 1 ship. A commander, an ensign and a cadet. Plus some old fogey on a TV monitor bossing them around. Add in a few quarries and you've got TV gold.

Just the ticket for our new age of austerity.

One of the shite ones though.

Twas Mr. Davison.

He also wrote the theme tune for the sitcom "Mixed Blessings".

Apparently he also wrote the "My Hero" theme song. Since I never watched that show, I don't even know if it even had a theme song.

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