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Any Experts On Seaweed Utilisation Here?


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Seaweed is a great weather station.

simply hang a bit outside.


Seaweed is white....its snowing.

Seaweed is invisible...its foggy.

Seaweed is Wet...Its raining.

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable

Funnily enough my neighbour has just been talking about how they used to use seaweed to fertilise the potato fields in Jersey.

Harvest it and chuck it on the land. Wait until it gets bleached by the sun and plough it in.

I would tell you more but I've been rendered insensible on elderflower wine.

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Sorry Scunnered but I'm afraid this one is interesting... I love crispy seaweed... do you have a good recipe?

Top tip time. If you chop some spring greens into long thin threads, deep fry them then sprinkle a little powdered ginger and sugar on them then you end up with something that tastes very similar.


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You can grow it in the sea? Damn....that's so f**king beautiful...

Mock not, my tea-guzzling companero.

Went on a tour of a works down by Girvan just after it opened, their game was to extract alginates from kelp, mostly shipped in from na h-Eileanan Siar, for incorporation in soluble medicines and to provide an artificial foamy head on ghastly modern "beers". Once they'd sucked the jelly out, they were left with a mega ******ton of shredded vegetable matter, which they were casting around for ideas as to the use of.

So they presented each of us on leaving with a minigrip pouchful, advising us that we should get back to them and say if it was a goer.

After we'd smoked it :lol:

They'd spotted us as rollup fiends, and expendable, and so far, apart from incorporation in various building membranes, textiles and so on, the only realistic use for their waste was as ersatz baccy.

Zero nicotine, see. Which at the time was a big non-jobbers' target.

And d'you know what? It did smoke. Weaker than Golden Virginia, bu-uu-ut ...

... sprinkled with a bit of red leb, or the extraordinarily feeble homegrown available at the time, not half bad as a matrix therefor.

And it really appealed as an "eco" alternative to evil megacorp tobacco to the (home-made, you couldn't ******ing buy it then, children) anti-imperialist tofu-munchers amongst us. Just a bit soapy, or something. Weird taste. But didn't cause every single bloodvessel in your body to shrivel up, in the way that that first gasper does.

I wonder if it's still around?

[edit for garlic grammar fail; jesus will you people make your minds up?]

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You can put seaweed on asparagus beds apparently

Don't think I'd do that: the asparagus is way too delicate.

Some seaweeds are themselves ideal as beds for other food. Kombu, for instance, with rice/wild rice, pine kernels, and lemon.

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Actually, could be the beginning of a very lucrative business.

Seaweed is brilliant.

I've spent a fair bit of time in Japan, and they really are connoisseurs of seaweed.

One of the best I've had is this one:


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