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Rune Mystery Solved.

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Copenhagen Post: http://www.cphpost.dk/culture/culture/122-culture/49171-archaeologists-given-the-rune-around.html

After studying about a thousand inscriptions on ancient rune stones scattered around Scandinavia, a researcher from Uppsala University in Sweden has come to the conclusion that many of the carvings are gibberish.

The researcher claims that the Vikings who carved them couldn’t write and the people who saw them couldn’t read.



A bit like an early version of HPC then.

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable

"I, Thor Thorrensson, after 18 cups of agaric laced reindeer urine, shall now carve the glorious history of my clan on these stones!"

I'd like to propose a new study, whereupon the researchers take copious amounts of enthenogens prior to trying to decipher these runic stones. I think it might take a year, and I'm prepared to be chief researcher. About £50k should do it.

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I'm a tad disappointed that these non-stories aren't appearing in my hilarious Crap Scoops thread.

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