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My Mum was in the Yorkshire building society complaining to a cashier in there who she knows about what a nightmare she'd had with the Halifax when she tried to transfer some money. Said cashier said they were having all kinds of problems with transfers and withdrawals from Santander of late... I'm glad I'm no longer with them for my STR fund.

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I got fed up with Abbey when they felt fit to take money from my account 3 times to pay the credit card I held with them (£455 each time) so closed the card and account. Time passes, credit report shows account closed, then 6 weeks ago I get a new card from them for my now non existent account. The worst this is I got the card from my old flatmate because I no longer live at the address and obviously as I don't have an account with them haven't told then I've moved. Fvckers leaving me open to identity theft.

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