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Cameron Brings In New Austerity Minister


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And Mrs T had North Sea Oil...!What a scary scene. She took ages to get out of the car, and was desperate to hang onto the Number 10 railings. How time flies. You see people getting old and frail before your eyes and don't realise you are too! :(

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"1970s 2.0" will play out a lot differently because of:

- Circa one billion more competing workers from India and the Far East

- Computers

- No North Sea oil exports, same for coal

- Relatively little in the way of productive industry

- No organised labour worth its name to keep ordinary people's wages up with inflation when all that money printing really kicks in in earnest

- A lot less social cohesion

...for starters.

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Thats what evil does to you.


It's funny. She rebuilt Britain so that the market was grudgingly accepted as better than socialism, and privatised the phones, gas, BP, and BA. When she started out to do this, she was viewed as a quixotic eccentric (hence how isolated she was when she initially stood against Heath.)

But as the posts in this thread show, she entirely failed to win over the hearts of the people of Britian. I wouldn't bet on her being more popular than Saddam Hussein among Labour voters, for instance.

(And I remember laughing hysterically, and singing "Ha, ha, the witch is dead" when I heard she'd lost. Didn't hurt that I'd won an office pool of around sixty quid for the number of votes that Heseltine would get.)

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Ouch! She's three months older than my dad, but looking at that you'd think it was a decade or more. Burnout?

Not everyone ages gracefully. Illness, diet, lifestyle etc.

The Queen and Maggie are the same age but look at the difference.

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