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Markets Dropping ?


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Guest sillybear2

Stock market..............falling....................why?


Because it saw you naked in the shower this morning.

Just one of those things, nothing personal.

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Bernanke comments haven't worked then.

Greenspan and his protege' 'uncle' Ben Bernanke are two of the biggest scumbags going. Yet the former is still paid millions of dollars for his thoughts on the economy which he destroyed while the latter is only interested in keeping his banker chums in clover. If a martian came down and saw this they'd be expecting a coup d'etat but instead the sheeple just shrug and watch reality TV.

Classic bread and circuses really.

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Stock market..............falling....................why?

The real question is why they ever went so ridiculously high in the last few months in the first place given that the whole world financial system is on the brink of collapse.

Oh and my gold stash is looking GOOOOOOD B) right now.

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