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Forget Tesco And Asda, Top Price Cutter Is...waitrose

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It has always had a reputation as the most expensive of supermarkets, whose customers are prepared to pay premium prices.

But a survey has revealed that Waitrose has been forced to regularly cut its prices for the first time.

The research by independent online consumer site Supermarket Own Brand Guide shows that Waitrose handed over more price cuts to its customers in the past year than any of its mainstream rivals.

The upmarket grocer is even giving cut-price discounters a run for their money by reducing prices on basic own-label products such as white bread and baked beans.

And Waitrose and arch-rival Marks & Spencer now both offer two-for-one deals on foods such as fresh asparagus.

Martin Isark, who runs Supermarket Own Brand Guide, said: ‘In the past, shoppers just accepted that Marks & Spencer, The Co-operative and Waitrose would be more expensive, but all three have realised that they have to be more competitive if they want to continue to attract more customers.

‘Waitrose introduced its Essential range just over a year ago which has helped to make it the biggest price cutter – good news for its shoppers who are now keeping a keen eye on prices.

Hmmm I wonder if the middle classes are struggling?

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It will soon be WaitCo, or Walrose for sure. M & S - found loads of things as cheap as Tesco there just this week and the wife and I were just talking about........Spending will slow after June 22 both in govt and from our pressed pockets.

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Not really a story here. I believe they've always tried to be price-competitive on, say, a tin of Heinz Beans or Kellogg's Cornflakes. The posh reputation comes from the fact they also sell more fancy deli food, organics, fine wines, and local farmer type products. Also, they've been opening more 'metro' style stores, which serve a more mainstream audience so a no frills range makes sense.

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I'm basically a Waitrose snob, but I'm not at all keen on some of their cheapo stuff.

I bought a pack of their 'basic' bacon when it was all they had in stock. When I cooked it it was grey and chewy and went in the bin. They need to be a bit careful here, because I'd expect something like that from Iceland or Morrisons, but with Waitrose I'd always expected that even their cheap stuff would be reasonable quality.

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How do they compare for Parma Ham and vine tomatoes? :unsure:

(You'll have to be qucker than that Dorkins)

check it out at Ocado, the waitrose on line store.

very good. stopped delivering the Times as a freebie recently though.

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Waitrose opened a few months ago here in Wellington and my impressions are as follows:

They without doubt portray an up-market image. The store is light and airy, not stacked to the roof, and there are no massive promotional banners etc.

The staff are relatively well educated, polite and well trained.

Their like for like prices are, in general, a few percent higher than the likes of Tesco.

Their 'value' range is or surprisingly poor quality.

They occasionally have some very good deals. For example, Raggae Reggae sauce is currently just £1

Their bread is varied and good quality

The vegetables and fruit are nothing special. You might as well buy those in Asda.

Overall, they're not bad. I especially like the fact that there are few queues at the tills, free parking and some 'interesting' products that you won't find in other supermarkets.

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Shop at different places for different things....I like waitrose n20 n12 simply because I like their partnership business model that all profits are shared amongst their staff....the fruit and veg is over priced, some other items are worth paying a bit extra for. ;)

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