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Cgt & Btl - Petition? + Letters To Newspapers + Any Other Ideas?

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I would suggest that we need to keep posting Readers Comments on web based CGT/property market related newspaper articles - the readers comments (very obviously much wider than our HPC'er contributions) show a great deal of support for the full CGT hike for BTL properties, as well as an associated awareness of the property market heading towards & needing a very large price correction. It is obvious that there is a great depth of anger and annoyance about BTL and house prices generally.

It would be good to see our efforts to post Readers Comments continue through to 22nd June & Budget Day.

I do wonder if it might be worth upping the ante a bit. One way of doing this would to be continue with the Readers Comments but perhaps also use the coming week for as many of us as possible to send letters to the 'Letters To The Editor' sections of the hard copy versions of the various national newspapers - Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, The Mirror, The Metro, etc.

I would guess David Cameron and George Osbourne read The Times, including the Letters To The Editor every morning - so this would be one way to try and reach them as well as other politicians and the wider public.

Also, it's a great pity we can't get some kind of petition going (I would suggest signatures & collections of copies of Readers Comments from web based Newspaper Articles) to be submitted to the PM's Office and George Osbourne. This would be particularly effective if the number of signatures met the number David Cameron set for the Government Web page they are planning to set up for the public to raise issues - didn't Cameron say that the Government would guarantee Parliamentry debate/action if the number of people raising concerns about a particular issue or Act of law met a certain threshold number? If this number was met then it would be very difficult for the Government to ignore such a petition.

Worth a go?

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How about we get a petition going via the PM's Office facilities for e-petitions? See the following:


We could then mention the e-petition in our Readers Comments on Newspaper websites and other web discussion forums, and whatever other ways we can think of spreading the word and encouraging people to sign the e-petition that supports the full CGT for BTL properties.

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Unfortunately they aren't posting up any active e-petitions at the moment as they are doinf a review of the service - even when they do have the service up and running it takes up to about 5 days for them to set up your petition ready to take signatures - so even if it was up and running there probably isn't sufficient time to get a decent petition together (although you only need 500 signatures to get a formal response).

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