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Another Anti-Cgt Hike For Btl Article By The Daily Mail

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See the following Daily Mail anti-CGT hike for BTL article put up on their website today, Saturday 5th June:


We need to keep up the pressure by adding Readers Comments to the article.

There perhaps ought to be the occasional comment that includes something about the DM seeming to be ignoring the majority of its readers views about CGT and BTL properties - ie the DM is misjudging the mood and thinking of the majority of its readers as well as the harm that BTL and boom time house prices do to the economy and their relationship to the economic crisis we are in.

Perhaps there ought to be more comments that encourage the Daily Mail to be pro the CGT hike for BTL (ie unproductive area of the economy) whilst pusing for a compromise in regard to CGT for productive areas of the economy?

I also think that we ought to be sending copies (&/or URL links to) of the articles and the Readers Comments to our MP's, George Osbourne, Vince Cable, the Housing Minister, the PM's Office, etc. as well as weriting letters for the 'Letters to the Editor' sections of the hard copies of national (and local?) newspapers.

Also, I wonder if a specific Facebook Group would attract significant numbers of people - particularly people in their 20s and 30s (and perhaps 40s?) priced out of the property market - would be good to recruit more people to keep adding Readers Comments and come up with ideas about pushing for the CGT hike for BTL (and indeed other measures to disincentivise investment in BTL - eg remove the tax break they receive for interest rate payments on BTL mortgages).

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Done it (Ruth from Glasgow).

I agree about writing letters to the editor for the broadsheets, though sometimes I wonder if they get anti-CGT etc letters but do not publish them.

Great comment you posted on the DM website. Hopefully others will do the same.

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They really are worried aren't they. CGT is clearly the key to the HPC door.

Good on the LibDems for forcing the issue. Let's hope they have the integrity and ability to see it through.

I suspect we're going to be bombarded daily with VI articles such as this from every avenue of mainstream media between now and the budget.

Day 4 and I'm already feeling fatigued. Nevertheless, it needs to be done.

The more noise they make against an increase in CGT the more I'm convinced this needs to happen.

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99.7% of people don't pay CGT accoridng to Paul Lewis who does Moneybox on R4. (Just been on the TV news). Only 130k paid it last year apparently, and only 250,000 have a 2nd home. They're going to discuss why the huge news coverage about it.

This should be rammed home. Do all these anti-CGT people 'aspire' to joining those that pay it? Delusion.

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Rise in capital gains tax 'will hit house prices': Buy-to-let landlords will flood market say experts
DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Why Cable must lose on capital gains tax
Read more:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1284136/Business-chiefs-say-NO-rise-CGT-Hike-chilling-effect-economy.html#ixzz0pxxOIQnq' rel="external nofollow">

This from the OP's link to the DM.

Keep up the comments these fools must see that inflation is a BAD thing not a way to endless riches. Brown has gone and so has his nightmare of "no more boom and bust in house speculation--just boom."

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Let's see if they publish mine again today - I admit I'm getting a bit more strident by the day, but am still avoiding using the C-word, which seems to be getting better results :lol:

Anyway, let's keep it front and centre for these b@st@rds.

I'm normally quite a mild-mannered person, but right now I'm starting to feel like I want to go out and do something unsavoury to some whining pensioners cat.

Watch out Tiddles... :ph34r:


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Thanks Chester.

"The more noise they make against an increase in CGT the more I'm convinced this needs to happen".

Yeah, you never know, it could end up having a significant effect on the market after all if it goes through - will BTLers have time to sell up before the rise? - not sure, but if so, there might be a lot of one and two beds for sale at more realistic prcies, which could have a LT effect. But we know this campaign is just cos a huge proportion of those 250K second home owners are in London media/business friends of London media circles and they're mostly planning to sell eventually....may not have any effect on the market overall. Be interested to hear what they say when interest rates finally have to go up cos that may have some effect - well, I hope.

Love the forum by the way, just joined, been banging on about this stuff to other young people for years and no one ever seems to get what a large effect the housing market has on society and how our generation's been shafted.

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This should be rammed home. Do all these anti-CGT people 'aspire' to joining those that pay it? Delusion.

It's not really about paying 40% CGT is it?

It's about the speculators dropping out of the market because of the tax, and all these poor hard working BTL'ers who are on the sick and out of work, not having anybody to offload their over priced property portfolios to.

They are going to be left holding the 300lbs baby gorilla, and they are scared.

Boo hoo! :P

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