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Wall Street Plunges 2%.euro Tumbles Below $1.20

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4 half crowns in a pound
You mean 8 half crowns in a pound. I remember half crowns but I don't remember hearing them being referred to as 'dollars'. I do remember some people in East Anglia referring to pounds as 'bucks' though. This is probably because of the strong following for the wild west, country music etc. in that part of Britain in the 1970s despite a certain residual resentment of 'Yanks' because of the 'over paid, over sexed and over here' reputation they gained during and after the war. Edited by blankster
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That chart's dated february unless I'm a numpty

Yes, it is - when the DOW is open and you switch between the chart updating every 10 secs, 1 min, hour, day, week it gets a tad confusing.

So, when the DOW was open I changed the options to DAY and it looked as if the chart was showing today's movements as the timeline was in hours below the chart.

But just saving the chart now, after the DOW closed, shows that it was in fact showing the DAY movements over a few months... as the hours showing today have now been replaced by monthly dates so, not being a speculator, that is interesting in itself for me from a technical POV.

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