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Audi 20 Week Lead Times.......

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I have decided on the A4 TDIe. Ordered last week, delivery Mid September not as bad as first told still too long imho.

What I am getting at is the recession has cut out the spare capacity as others have eluded to, thus as I suspect (and with other anecdotes) the private sector has neared the end of the pain.

Colleague ordering the A5 (doesn't care as much about CO2!!) he has been told December.

You would have thought that the higher end badges would been feeling the pain even more, not from my personal experience. Things are moving, fully anticipate news soon of manufacturers taking more people on to come with demand.

Pricing here has the q5 the same as the a4 which makes it a partial no brainer to go for the q5. The last a4 avant i had was much smaller than i'd imagined it would be. The 2.0d is quite economical too for its size.

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