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We are returning to the UK ( yes I know we are insane) after over 6 years away.

Would we qualify as FTB's? We have had mortgages in the UK in the past.

I'm not sure you wether you would be a first time buyer.

The thing to note though is that no UK bank/buiding society will give you a mortgage, you've been out of the

UK for 6 years so you will have no UK income history to show and you will have no credit history (thats always

based on the last 3 years).

If you want a mortgage you will need to talk to the offshore arm of someone like Barclays or Natwest..they will

consider you for a mortgage based on your foreign tax returns/income/credit history.

However...theres a fairly short window (I think its about 6 months..) for you to do this, leave it too long and they

won't be able to help you, and remember that you can't get self cert mortgages anymore (unless anyone here

knows different?).

I came back from Spain in 2007 after 4 years there, I did not realise the above and was consequently screwed

for a mortgage so don't make the same mistake as me!!!

Good luck with your return to blighty!

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If the OP has a job, I reckon they will get a mortgage on that. They lend on 'ability to pay' don't they? <_<

Seriously, no one under 21 has 3 years credit history so that shouldn't preclude getting a mortgage. They may require several payslips to prove it is a 'permanent post.'

You would get the FTB perks, if there are any, on a mortgage, I did after 6 months (admittedly a few years ago now when FTB got cashback loans) but since you say you've had a mortgage in the past, you don't qualify for the stamp duty exemption, as if 1% would stop anyone anyway.

Dare I mention that there's always the internet P60 "duplicates" option mentioned before on here, but that's fraudulent.

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We are returning to the UK ( yes I know we are insane) after over 6 years away.

Would we qualify as FTB's? We have had mortgages in the UK in the past.

For purposes of the recent Stamp Duty exemption, the answer is no. This is because it is not available for anyone that has ever owned a house before.

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable

Thankyou for your very helpful comment :o:o

Unless you have a very bad ring to dispose of here in Mordor, I suggest staying in the Shire.

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