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Gcses: Are They Getting Easier?

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I'd love to hear views on this, especially from parents of children of ~GCSE age.

On News24 I saw a bunch of student sopening envelopes live. The grades were all A and A-star, apart from a solitary B. EXCELLENT!

Until, that is, one student exclaimed, "A-star for textiles! Great!"

Textiles a GCSE subject?

In my day this would have been a part of "Art". So what is next? Could we be heading into a future where "model" maths students are awarded the following 4 GCSEs?

Calculus A-star

Trigonometry A-star

Probability A-Star

Statistics A-Star

Or why not award the English Literature student the following:

Prose A-star

Anglo-Saxon prose A-star

Poetry A-star

Soon we could have children walking around with 100 A-star GCSEs.

What would economists call this? Academic inflation?

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