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Germany Wins Eurovision;merkel,ecb,greece Pleased.


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a nice transparent voting system is all you need.

do we know what proportion of Greeks voted for Germany & vice versa? Or is this new & professional voting system less transparent than the previous block voting?

EDIT: looks like Germany gave Greece 8 points, Greece gave Germany only 2. :lol:


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I thought this was a very positive result all round. It was imho certainly the best song and more importantly showed germans are as capable (if not more so) of being refreshingly fun / quirky as any of the club-med nations (who by contrast still seem largely locked in 90s club trance). Great PR for a country that is always painted (unfairly) as austerity central.

Apparently the tune broke all download records, so it's clearly a grass-roots thing

A far cry from "she's posing for consumer titles now and again / now she's a big success maybe I'll see her again".

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You have no idea how big this is in Germany.

Just look at each of the countries announcers during the scoring, most are in front of a blue screen while the German announcer is a national star with hundreds of thousands of people partying behind him. It was obvious that Lena was going to do well after she won a talent show/reality television thing a few months ago on German TV.

It would be interesting to see the actual phone in voting data :ph34r:

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