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Rural Housing Discussion Today At 9pm

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From website -

'Rural Housing

Every week, three hundred British people pack their bags in city houses and flats and head off for new lives in the countryside - in the past ten years two million people have moved out of London alone. This rush for the rural dream is putting tremendous pressure rural areas as well as causing resentment among some local people who find they can't afford to continue living in the villages where they were born. Do we have the right to choose where to live, whatever the consequence?

For this week's Costing The Earth, Tom Heap investigates the effects of our love affair with country living.'

If you miss it listen here http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/science/costingtheearth.shtml

EDIT: Apparently they are going to be talking about the 2nd home tax break business as well.

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Apparently they are going to be talking about the 2nd home tax break business as well.

sounds like it will be good. Heard a trailer for it this morning, talking about someone from Cornwall trying to buy a house - something like

"How come I have to pay the full £200,000 price of the house, yet someone better off (paying top rate tax) only has to pay £120,000?"

I'd like to see Tony Blair or GB answer that!

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For anybody considering a rural lifestyle may I recommend you read Out of Your Townie Mind first. I think that is the book that says over 40% of people who go in for a country lifestyle return to an urban one.

It's lighthearted but does give some good insight into the differences between country and urban living.

I still have a bit of difficulty with the definition or rural though. A lot of properties are described as rural when they are actually Village locations. Different ballgame, different outlooks and attitudes.

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Guest magnoliawalls
UK second home market 'set to boom'

The second homes market is set to grow in the UK in the next decade as people snap up extra properties in this country rather than abroad, a new report has predicted.

Direct Line Insurance said it believed the number of people with second homes in the UK will increase by 24% to 405,000 by the year 2015.

The figure will compare with an estimated 250,000 second homes bought by Britons abroad, it was claimed.

from the Scotsman

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Some good comments on BBC website too...

Adrian Devon

Please replace the struggle to find affordable homes comment with there are no affordable homes. A qualified solcitor of four years cannot buy a two bed house and struggles to buy a small one bedroom flat. But we are competing in a market where 1/3 of all mortgages are Self Cert or "lie to buy" The police can only refuse to investigate this for so long. When it is stopped then you loose a third of the buyers in todays market and it all collapses. (Note, I am aware that Self Cert are legitimate for self employed.. providing that they are telling the truth.. But the only reason a paye person would undertake this more expensive way to borrow would be to hide the truth..) Essentially todays prices are yet another speculation bubble currently being underpinned by fraud and a massive percentage of people are so over stretched with their mortgages that the smallest interest rate blip will put them in an impossible situation.. also no speculative market has ever not gone crunch. There has never been a bubble that has not burst.. So reading the above.. do you think that this.. the largest speculative bubble in economic history.. is stable.. If you do.. you are a tad niave.. and don't quote experts. they said the same the last four times this has happend since the war. Study history. where the heard instinct leads the way on a path to what seems like free money it always leads to dark times. There has never been, nor will there ever be free money. and if you think the economy is strong.


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