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Question Supporting Cgt Rise On Downing Street Website

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Who was the person a few days ago that provided the template to send to the local MP? That was excellently worded. See. I couldn't do it. I write like a teenager.

There were some options suggested on this thread.


What's wrong with "writing like a teenager" anyway? A) I bet you don't, and B. ) even if you, there's nothing wrong with a good message coming from the heart.

It doesn't have to be a pompous w@nkfest, (which mine very possibly was :D) to make your point well....

There was also another version, where someone had cut and pasted the best bits from the various suggestions into a very powerful letter. I almost wish I'd waited for that ;)

Best of luck, and give them hell.


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Who was the person a few days ago that provided the template to send to the local MP? That was excellently worded. See. I couldn't do it. I write like a teenager.

Yes, write from your heart. To be frank, something written from the heart and is original is a zillion times better than a brilliantly worded and grammatically correct template letter.

Most of the great writers are grammatically brilliant - they have their own style, write with their hearts and are story tellers. Tell the World your story... not now though... I am off for a cuppa :P

And stop putting yourself down. You are a child of the Universe, unique and special and wonderful. You have a valid contribution to make and... oh, kettle is boiling...

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Anyone know how we can go about this and whether it is worth doing, could it backfire - i.e. having a question/poll supporting the rise in CGT on second homes and buy to lets?

It would have to be carefully worded.

Just go on the website for number 10 and there you can email the PM. I urge all to do so. The CGT whingers are getting more exposure when most people do not agree with them. They are amaking preposterous claims about returning CGT to the pre-2007 position, when most assets with any gain to be ytaxed on sale would have bought before 2007 anyway, when the tax was up to 40%.

For 'runforthehills' - there was a good letter on here to lobby with. BUT All you need to say is that you support the Coalition's originally announced policy on CGT, to make it similar to that which existed before it was reduced to 18% in 2007.

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