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Can we stick our own boards up?

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Well, we all mostly rent property.

With all the for sale and to-let boards I'm seeing in Preston, it makes me wonder if it's legal/OK by the webmaster to plant my own board up with the housepricecrash.co.uk logo.

I'm not talking about fly-posting (probably illegal) or putting signs up on other peoples property. I'm talking about the properties that we currently occupy. I could stick a board up outside "my" flat, and I'm sure I wouldn't be in breach of my tenancy agreement (I'm not damaging anything am I?).

It could indeed touch a raw nerve with many owners on my street, but hey, I say "Power to the FTBs"!! Bring about that sentiment!

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Now that sounds like a great idea. What about going out at night and sticking them over the 'for sale' signs, and supergluing them on estate agent's windows. Then phone your local paper get some publicity in it. If that happened around the country there would be national press attention.

Direct action. Yeah

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