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I would say that house should be priced at a level that would appeal to someone/family on around half a million a year, so around £1.5 million max!

and these people on £500K, will they have a million quid of equity behind them at least ?

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someone on £500k will have lots of equity behind them so could afford more.

As other posters have alluded to, this implies that the 3 times annual salary rule of thumb applies to FTB only, something I'll openly admit I hadn't considered.

However, let's not forget, when you're on 500k a year, you'd be taking home less than half of that.

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Not even in Dulwich Village. What a joke.

I don't know that part of London that well.

Are there premia for the following?

1. Living very close to train tracks.

2. Living on an A road.

3. Being closer to Brixton

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Unrealistic etc etc but I say £750,000 tops. You don't get to breach a million unless theres at least an acre of land somewhere not a sixty foot garden. But those were the old days. Now its silly money for Herne Hill dressed up as Dulwich.

Is that an edict?

He's not demanding you pay 2.X mil. He's just inviting you to have a look.

If it's unrealistic - it wont sell. The proof will be in the sucking.

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I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that. Its a nice family home and all but what about the picture of the bathroom... looks smaller than my flat!

They should add that to the selling particulars. Bathroom: edit: almost bigger than minceballs' flat.

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Doesn't seen to far out of whack. I'm not saying it is right, but it will probably sell for pretty close to this. Consider that a 4 bed flat fronted house in a decent area of Hackney is going for a mill, and it isn't nearly as big as that, or in remotely such a nice area. If you have a family in London, then you either buy a decent sized house, or move out. Someone at the age of 40 selling their fully paid off £1m house and on £500K + bonus would handle this easily.

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