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I live in Liverpool and our commercial Radio Station is RADIO CITY. The last 3 weeks the types of adverts on there have changed!!!!

1) The Mortgage Point - Was hammered 3-4 years ago and disappeared. Now its getting hammered again. A friend in work went there and they asked for a fee to get them a shite mortgage - they said ****** to that - if you get us a good deal and it goes through - you can take you fee. They offered £75,000 over 35 years with an APR of 9.9%. Although this is loan shark proportions you can get next to feck all for £75K.

2) Think its called LOAN SOLUTIONS - basically what it advertises is as follows: "Monthly outgoings a strain, feel you cant cope? Then loan solutions is for you. Just pay a fixed payment that you can afford for FIVE YEARS and then you are debt free - whether the outstanding debt has been paid or not"

I think this is a government or charitable organisation IMHO. I think the lenders realise what a big F*CK UP they have made borrowing money that they are shitting themselves that they will declare themselves bamkrupt. I believe its their attempt to try and recoup as much as they can.

3) Property Investments - goes something like "ohhh 3 bedrooms, lovely kitchen, and the bathroom is charming - this is the right house for me" but is it the right INVESTMENT property for you - call some nobheads on this number 9999999999 and we will show you the secret to getting the right investment property.

We are also getting the usual BLAH HOMES - get 5% deposit paid this weekend only.

I was just thinking - is this a local thing or are people experiencing this sort of media swing?

Comments please....

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Funny you should bring up this subject.

It is not just the radio which you can glean what is going on.

I'm quite bemused by the waves of spam over email - there seem to be periods when one sector dominates the market. Not much gets past the filter but every now and again one catches my attention. There's been porn, the refi wave last year and cheap mortgages, cheap prescription drugs and one caught my eye earlier today so I let it through.

<i>Tell the Caard companys that you just found out about their fraud and you are eradicating the debbt

Do away with everything you owe without paying another dime. End the calls,

End the payments!

As it turns out most lendors are doing something illegal. Unbelievable but


Join us for in-depth details about our system at 0 charge or obligation.

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.</i>

Maybe a start of a new mini trend. :o

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I also live in Liverpool and have noticed the less reputable lenders such as The Mortgage Point offerings deals which would suit virtually anybody who has a fulltime job. However, the offers smell somewhat of desperation as price drops are evident on all the properties I have been following over the last 3 months and Liverpool in general it seems. They can see this coming and want to grab everyone they can before prices drop to a more reasonable level.

Liverpool price hikes were beyond anything I thought possible, EU investment and City of Culture 2008 forced the average price late last year to 150k which frankly for this city is absolutely ridiculous. I think people need to stop trusting certain estate agents as all they want is your money and offer no constructive advice except "buy buy buy" no offence to the ea's on here as I don't want to tar you all with the same brush, but the crap that spews from the lips of the people i've spoken to is frankly hilarious.

Two houses in particular that I had been keeping an eye on have both dropped 20k in the last 4 months, so I popped down to the local Halifax to see what they thought of the current situation.

Had a little chat about renting my current place out and what I'd be prepared to pay for my next house when I asked the ea about future potential price drops she looked at me as if to say "you're kidding right?" and stated profoundly that house prices "will never go down in the current market, you need to buy now before prices go up!"

I guess it wasn't the best move to tell her I've seen 20k drop off the houses we'd been talking about for the last 20 minutes, but I knew she wasn't telling the truth.

back on topic,

Yeah, I've seen massive increases on 'sell your soul to buy a house' adverts. I really feel for the people who get caught up The Mortage Point offers and end up paying the price :(

btw great forum

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