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Time to raise the rents.

Who Will Initiate The Most Stupid Polls?

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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Well thats just got the lot moved to off topic in a flash.

Looks like the mods have taken action TTRTR

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Sadly on this forum we are starting to see quantity displace quality.

And I don't think it's going to get any better.

Aye, your right there. There are only so many times, you can shout "its crashing" when it isn't. It just becomes monotonous rubbish after a while. The latest mentalist bear spin is doing my head in.

Why you just can't accept that its a soft landing is beyond me. It's 12 months and counting and with IRs low and unemployment low, very few forced sellers and public sentiment +ve about high prices, why will it crash ?

All the pet theories about debt levels, IRs rising to 6%, dollar crashes, VI spin - they are all garbage.

IRs are going to stay at 4.5% for at least another three months at least. The public generally can afford their debt levels and until they can't, house prices will stay where they are.

Its got at least another 6 months to run before you could consider any crash conditions coming along, oh and then we are into spring again, so that will probably be another 6 months on top of that where prices don't crash.......... get real and get used to it !!

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