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Asda Buys Netto


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And not a peep out of the competition folks. Interesting ...

Add last year's takeover of somerfield by the coop, and we have some big consolidation happening in retailing the very food we eat. Any of the 'big five' less healthy than they look? :ph34r:

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I'm actually quite gutted about this.

I wait with anticipation to check the twice weekly deals that our Scandinavian chums have on offer. Sure, a lot of it is tat, but I've bought quite a lot of things that have lasted well. The 11p yoghurts are very nice. I remember when they were 7p each.

If I wanted to shop at Asda I would do. I don't, so i shop at Netto. (And Aldi and Lidl)

Hope the German overlords don't decide to sell up too.


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I think the problem for the budget supermarkets is that the ASDAs and TESCOs of this world have enlarged their budget range and cut many prices - therefore the Nettos have been squeezed. Its also a way of quickly gaining market share by instantly having more stores and getting around those pesky planning applications....

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