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Any comments would be welcome - I'm sure all this info is available if I hunt for it but hopefully some charitable souls will save me the time of searching...

I have looked at various options for trading, done some free trials, had some wins, scared the living crap out of myself. I think I now know pretty much what I want:

- Nominee Dealing account where I can buy about 1k worth of shares with a long term view, when something looks good.

- Reasonable dealing fees (trades will be infrequent so this is not a priority).

- Live prices - although I'm not spread betting I do like to watch things as they happen.

- Automatic collection of dividends and reinvestment if required.

- Provision of physical certificates (what are your thoughts on this - necessary, or not?)

So I tried Self Trade, which covers all of the above but for live prices. I'm happy to pay a small fee for this, so does anyone know a site that offers all of the above? Any suggested additions to my criteria would be welcome as well.

And finally, does anyone know a decent OS X application for monitoring / recording trades? I've downloaded Stock Market Eye - interested in any comments on that.

Thanks for your patience if you've got this far...

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I tend to use igindex for live prices.

digitallook also has a live price facility/charting software that allow you to examine before dealing. (of course when you deal with your broker, you will always be given a live price quote - but often it is inconvenient to use for its own purpose).

The last one worth looking at that I can think of is Livecharts.

Thanks hotairmail - I like the look of Livecharts, will do a bit more investigation there.

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